Cleo of the Day – Jennifer Speer

Certified Personal Trainer & Nationally Qualified Competitor

What is your go to indulgent meal?
Juicy burger and fries

What is your favorite song on your workout play list?
Lose yourself- Eminem

Who would you consider to be a Modern Day Cleopatra and why?
My mom. One of the hardest working/grinding women I know. She’s a retired bodybuilder herself and works 70+hrs a week and still trains like a beast.

What is your ultimate goal in the fitness industry?
My goals change every year. I am currently grinding to compete at the national level in the NPC.

What has been the greatest challenge or obstacle you’ve overcome in your life?
Graduating college.

Did you make your transformation on your own or were there people that helped and supported you along the way?
I’ve always been very active in the gym. I was raised in the gym watching bodybuilders grind. When I graduated college I met a friend who said you should consider doing a show. I worked my butt off for two years to build a body that was competition ready and competed for the first time in 2015.

What advice would you offer to other woman that are facing challenges, struggles or obstacles in the life?
Pray. Any time I feel weak mentally or physically I pray. I ask for strength or guidance to follow the path laid out for me.

What is one of your favorite motivational quotes?

Do you find it easier to workout/be active by yourself or with someone else, and why?
Both. Sometimes I like to zone out alone and push myself and other times I have a teammate to push me.

What kind of pointers can you give regarding your success in maintaining a healthy diet (or competition diet for those who compete)?
I always tell people any change is going to be difficult but everyday will get easier and eventually habit becomeS routine. You’ll notice your body’s reaction to food and how much better it responses with good nutritious foods.

What ways have you found to make eating healthy more interesting/tolerable?
I love looking up recipes to try. I’m obsessed with my crock pot. Simple easy ways to make sure I’m getting good protein.

Who have been your biggest life supporters? Have you been surprised by anyone that supported or didn’t support you?
Yes. All my friends (even those who don’t workout like me) push me daily to make sure I’m hitting goals. Even with my diet, I work in a restaurant so temptation is all around me but I have true friends to slap my hand when I wanna munch.

Which traits do you admire about yourself?
My discipline. When I’m in prep I’ll get up at 430 to do cardio and eat my programmed food. No cheating. I grind. I don’t take any shortcuts. I know the sacrifice of being 100% disciplined.

What is one thing you would like to experience in life?

What’s one thing you value the most in relationships and friendships?

What’s one skill or talent you would like to master?
Training. I love training myself but would love to be able to train others properly.

How do you spend your free time?
Working out or spending time outdoors whether it’s walking the dog or just sitting out by the lake.

What is a habit you wish you could break?

What does the term “Transformation” mean to you as a Woman?
GROWTH. Mentally or physically.

For other women that struggle with self change and how to begin that transformation, what advice or encouragement would you give them?
Believe in yourself. You’re capable of so much more then you think.

Looking back into your past do you see yourself as a before and after or an ongoing change?
Ongoing change. I’m forever learning and growing.

Do you have self doubt and how do you handle those negative thoughts/feelings?
Pray. I always think that God has the answers so any time I feel weak I know this is the path I’ve been lead down and he wouldn’t lead my down a path I couldn’t handle.

If there is one thing you could tell your “pre-transformation” self what would it be?
Anything is possible!

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