When you wake up, are you satisfied?

When you wake up, are you satisfied?

Sometimes passion is not enough, and quite frankly it can only take you so far. So how do you stay motivated or hungry for more and still be able to accomplish your positive outcome? Many ask this day in and day out. There are a few things we can do that can help not only feed your hunger, but help us see the light at the end of that tunnel – helping us shine like the stars we all are.

Wake up. For starters you have to be awake. Awake mentally, spiritually, and physically – you can’t have one or the other you have to have all in unison. Why? Waking up with mind, body and soul – together as one – is to wake up with momentum. That momentum will drive you to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals.  All three provide you with necessary energy and force to break through barriers you may have to overcome in your life – be wake so that when “barriers” are placed in your way of your positive outcome you are aware of what you need to do to overcome.

 Change the game by speaking greatness. In order to change the outlook and your surrounding’s you have to start by changing your “can’ts” and “won’ts” into “dos”. When we learn to stop focusing on what did not happen and instead, what could have happened, we appreciate what we have. We then open the door to be able to speak greatness we deserve. The mental battle will always be there, but it is on us to control not only what we let in, but what words we use to give life to. Speak more positively into your day by appreciating what you have accomplished thus far, but also give yourself constant visions of where you want to be.

Visualize where you are going. I am a firm believer that if you can visualize where you want to be before you get there, it is easier to work your way there. What your mind believes, your mind achieves, and it starts by speaking greatness. Visual boards are a great example, they can help remind us of where we want to go and who or what is our motivation. Your dreams and ambitious goals should be visible on a consistent basis; this helps keep you focused and your eyes on your end goal.

Plan a routine, and stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to get into a routine with a mentality of “because I have to”.  Instead, give yourself ample time, realistic time in order to be able to achieve your goal. By allowing time and practicing patience, you will actually have more free will to enjoy yourself and the process of your journey. Having the mentality of “I will get it done”, you give yourself that extra kick of energy and motivation to walk your day with a plan and purpose. Any routine, fitness related or not, is a choice you make that is part of your life. This needs to be integrated and understood as a normal function, a daily function – thus a lifestyle. Integrating your routine into your day to day also assists in arranging your thoughts and your next move. It helps you plan ahead by practicing discipline and taking it one day at a time. Stick to a routine so that you can gain the freedom to get more done throughout your day, to improve yourself, and to remove any “what ifs” from your life.

Backup plan. There will always be setbacks, but one has to be prepared for the unknown. Yes, even if you don’t know what those are. The trick is that sometimes setbacks come in different forms, and if we aren’t aware of what form that can be, then we may be derailed. Stay one step ahead and think of what that unknown could be – it helps to stay grounded.

Open mind to learn from mistakes. Have and keep an open mind to acknowledge all sources, some of which we may not be keen to take from. Also, be open to learn from our mistakes. We should not be afraid to reach out to people to learn a trick or a trade. In the end, it just adds to your plan and could be considered additional tools for your end game.  We may not be able to change what happened in our past, but we sure have the power and ability to affect the future, your future.

Mini Goals. Break own your goals into mini goals but keep them SMART, most importantly measurable and attainable. I, for one, am guilty of having a list of goals – sometimes too many that it may be overwhelming – hence, why it’s important to have an optimal number of goals. Too many goals could decrease your motivation and satisfaction. By understanding that one step towards our goal is a win in itself; this will help us stay level headed and able to have clear goals and a plan to accomplish it.

Strive for greatness.  One way to do this is to do your best to best your best. How can we best our best each day? By always trying to do better then what we did yesterday. Even if it’s by a small measure, it’s a step in the right direction. As you move forward, you improve and as you improve, you increase what you had yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yolo! We only live once. Make the best of it.