Are you a Game Changer?

Sometimes it takes a dramatic, significant, and major event to literally reshape our vision and most importantly the game – the game we play in this landscape of “life”.  Now, the game is different each day, different to each and every single one of us – it’s where some of us will make change faster, slower, and some frankly will not at all. Some will be the ones to make that difference as a “Game Changer” and others will sit back at the end of the day and second guess themselves and wonder….what if?

But what is a game changer? Can we recognize a game changer when we see one?  Most importantly, how can we evaluate ourselves and determine if we are a “Game changer”?

Well, have you ever had an “Ah ha!” moment? You know that instance where you saw something and it automatically struck your curiosity and focus? As a game changer, you goal is to live a life by design, meaning working around the center of your passion, potential, and purpose. It is where you can showcase your creativity while also cultivating an environment where it inspires others to do the same.

Have you ever had a goal, and created a plan that would take you to that next level? I bet you have. Deep within us, we all have an exact vision of our wants and desires. Most of the time, we all want to be great, do great things, and be viewed as great while also making a difference and be a hero. Every single one of us has the potential to be a game changer but it takes a conscious choice to be one, to recognize you are one, and most importantly to put thoughts into action that provide for a positive outcome.

As a Game Changer we do. We typically envision where we want to go, where we want to be, and what we will do when we arrive at our destination – that destination being our positive outcome. We not only dream of this outcome, but actually follow through and make it a reality by bringing our respective idea, our dream, and our vision to life. However we know that being great and doing great are two different things. Either we are realistic or we are not.  As a game changer we know what we need to do and as such we put words into action and follow through. We follow through with a focused mindset, with a relentless hustle to pursue our outcome, and in the end, we know that our great reward of accomplishing greatness will speak volumes.

As a Game Changer we build others up. We give our all, knowing full well that what we give may not be returned in the same form or fashion. We are also conscious that what we give will always come back to us, because well it always does. Doesn’t it? Building others up, can be as simple as just showing that you care for someone, and what becomes of them. By building them up, it provide them to see their potential and forms their belief that they can also realize their dreams or ideas.  In a world where there is constant criticism, utilizing the basic tool of empowerment can have limitless benefits to someone. So, we are those people that take the unusual step back and see the beauty in shaping a life you never imagined you could. Sometimes that extra push makes the biggest difference, helping others climb themselves out of or into a better situation than they were before. Helping others exemplifies their greatness, and it enhances our game.

As a Gamer Changer we see the bigger picture. If what we have been doing is not getting the results we want, we reevaluate our situation, and assess what needs to happen.  We are not afraid to change the plan or approach and revisit the drawing board. We take personal responsibility, ownership, and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do or we don’t do – it all carries a weight and it matters. We don’t question why we are where we are.  On the contrary we give thanks for the opportunity, whether it comes in gains or pains, because regardless of the obstacles we are always one step ahead of our next move, working towards realizing our positive outcome.

As a Game Changer we know time is of essence. We acknowledge that we have the same 24 hour period to accomplish our day to day responsibilities, but it is in how well we use our time within the same time period that defines us. Hence, each day, we wake up, we rise, we give thanks, and we plan ahead. We plan ahead to provide the opportunity to make change and pay it forward.  We, however, do not sit back and let hours, days, or much less, our lives pass. We make do with our time because we know that in this lifetime, life is not a dress rehearsal. The time is now to do what we want, so we take this present moment and take action.

Nonetheless, the game will be different from the one you will play today or tomorrow. But in each new day, the game is what you make it be and what you let it become. Make the choice to have the game of life be a true testament to what life will give you. At the end of the day, it is what we do with each and every single opportunity that makes us into the natural game changer. So, as you make your next move in this game of life, take the time to evaluate yourself and ask: did we make change and pay it forward?

Each and every day, choose to wake up with a determination, live life on purpose, and be eager to discover greatness within yourself and others.