Athlete Sponsorship

A Partnership both in and outside of Competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

I AM CLEOPATRA is a brand building platform for women. The objectives are to provide members practical tools and information to facilitate the develop, launch, and growth of their own personal brands; to encourage women to be their best bold selves; and to provide an environment where member can love and have confidence in themselves and maximize the potential of their gifts.

Sometimes it can be hard to answer that question. I AM CLEOAPTRA serves many purposes. The main one being the empowerment of Women. And we provide a host of services to accomplish that aim.

Brand Development – Assisting Women with building there brands through simple, clear action-orientated steps.

Managed Website Platform – Our platform can be used to create your own site with eCommerce, online course, galleries, sponsorship funnels and more. We do the heavy lifting, you provide the content.

Directory of Business for and/or Owned by Women (launching Spring 2018)

Photographic and Master Image Retouching 

Hosting of Female Centered Meet & Greets.

Photo shoots

IAMC Apparel

Preferred Pricing with Partners

We offer both financial and resources based sponsorships. In most cases, it is a combination of the two.

Entry Fee Reimbursement

Travel & Hotel Expense Reimbursement

Brand Building Coaching 

IAMC Services

Photo shoots

IAMC Apparel

Preferred Pricing with Partners

The length of each sponsorship is based on each individual athlete’s goals. The average minimum is 12 months and maximum is 24 months.

Absolutely not!  Are sponsorship are more like partnerships. Our objective is help you achieve your goals in competition; to assist you with building your individual brand, thus making you more attractive to other third parties who would want to sponsor you.

Submit the Sponsorship Request form.

Initial review takes 2-3 business days. 

If you request is not approved you will receive an email stating the reason why.

If your request is accepted for further review, you will receive an email with an link to a more in-depth Q&A form that will need to be complete with 3 business days. The email will also have link to schedule a video call with one of the team members. We use ZOOM for this call. It is a free app available via the Apple App store or Google Play store. 

A final determination will be made within 3 business days after both your Q&A submission and video interview. You will be notified via email.

submit Your Request

Each sponsorship package is unique to the individual athlete. Request a sponsorship by completing the form below. Allow 2-3 business days for your request to be reviewed.