Creating Positive Environments for Success

Have you ever been in a completely bad mood, then your favorite song comes on the radio and you’re instantly picked up a little? Yes? Me too! That’s the same role that our environment plays in our life. The people, attitudes, and circumstances that we allow to surround us contribute to our success. When we engulf ourselves with positive thoughts, this attracts more positive experiences to be magnetized to us. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about attracting a plethora of positive experiences! Here are a few tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis to keep my mind focused & alert on attracting abundant blessings to my life each day!


Weeding out negativity (social circles/social media):

Look, I get it, we live in a connected world nowadays – between the radio, TV, facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snap Chat and every other means of communication, there is always some outside force trying to impose opinions, thoughts & feelings upon us. Here’s the thing though… our world is up to us. We are the creators. It is our job to filter and protect our world, aka our environment! Have you ever heard of the concept, “thoughts become things”.  No? Well, listen up because it is totally true! Whatever we think about invokes an emotion within us. Sometimes we are aware and conscious of these emotions and sometimes they are hidden in our subconscious. Each emotion we feel carries a frequency which is emitted into the universe like a magnet. Thus, when you are constantly inundated with negativity, it is on your brain.  You are thinking about/feeling something negative, therefore, you are gravitated to and attract more negative circumstances.  Flip the switch! Filter your world! What does that mean? Well for me, I am very protective of my social media circles – my policy is that I only allow people that I personally know, or people that contribute positively to my life on my feeds. I do not have any “friends” that are “negative Nancys” or “Debbie downers”.  In fact, I don’t even have any mediocre people on my feed. I make sure that everything I see and everything that surrounds me, lifts me up mentally.  Therefore, I am constantly feeling good and attracting good. Weeding out the negativity is a sure fire way to start creating a positive environment in your life.


Surrounding yourself with a clear vision/goal (visualize)

As much as I would love to say just sit back and “let the good times roll”, you can’t be passive in your pursuit to create a positive environment. If you want to have a great and joyful life, you have to work on it and focus on it every single day. Yes, this takes a bit of effort but the good news is that this is a creative process; you must enjoy and embrace the journey. Take the reins off of your imagination, be clear on what you want, develop a laser like focus of what your goals are and what makes you happy. One of the biggest tools I use to stay focused on, and remain in my “happy place”, is creating my vision board. My vision board houses all my craziest, wildest and passionate dreams. This is truly the place to let your imagination run wild. Do you want a house with 27 rooms? Put it on the board! Maybe you want to learn to fly a plane or become an executive chef. Put them all on the board. There is nothing too big or too small to include here. A quick way to make several are digitally make them on the computer; I print mine in vibrant colors, frame them and then place them everywhere I am. I have one in my bedroom, at my desk at home, one by my front door and several all over my office at work. Why so many? I want to be surrounded by what stirs my passions because this keeps me focused on my goals and that makes me happy. When I am constantly seeing my dreams; they are constantly on the forefront of my mind. I want my dreams on my mind constantly to emit a positive frequency to attract them into reality. Focusing on our goals keeps us in a positive state of mind and is a quick way to improve our environment.


Reinforcing what makes us feel good

It’s no secret that we should do more of what makes us feel good and less of what makes us feel bad. As easy at this concept sounds on paper, the reality is that the “bad” sometimes sneaks up on us unexpectedly. One minute we are truckin’ along well in life, and the next we know something just isn’t right, we are in a funk, everything seems to be crashing in on us. It’s in moments/times like these that we have to be self-aware enough to realize something is “off”. If we aren’t careful, we can become stuck in these moments – these moments can last longer than necessary because our thoughts get “trapped” in this state of mind. Anytime I start to feel myself slipping into a funk, I am quick to start surrounding myself with positive frequencies. I will blast my worship music on Pandora, I will call a girlfriend and schedule some girl time, or call my mom just to chat. Sometimes it’s just as simple as going outside to breathe in God’s goodness – anything and everything that I can do to make myself feel good. Remember, creating a positive environment is all about perception. If we can find the silver lining in any given situation, then we are always focused on the good and the bad can’t drag us down. Whatever thoughts we water will grow. Let’s make sure we are watering the seeds and not the weeds!


In short, our environments play a critical role in our lives. Make sure the world you surround yourself in is propelling you towards your dreams and your destiny. Take a step back, analyze your world.  If it doesn’t mesh with your long term desires, only you can change it. Make the change, chase the dream; be bold in your pursuit of your dreams. Dream big, live happy and love endlessly. I am Cleopatra, you are Cleopatra, WE ARE CLEOPATRA!!!

Jennifer McArver (Reichek)