June 14-16, 2018

NPC Jr National Photoshoot



frequently asked questions

The pay rate $100/hr. You will be paid in cash, immediately at the end of the session. This rate is non-negotiable. If you are looking for a higher or lower rate, this opportunity is not a good fit for you.

I AM CLEOPATRA showcases the diversity of each woman.  All of the following styles are to be included: casual, glamour, fitness/workout, tasteful lingerie. You will be responsible for bringing your own wardrobe (clothing, shoes, and accessories). You are expected to bring at least two (2) outfits for each.

You can view our Pinterest Board for inspiration.

YES! YES! YES! You will receive 10 edited HiRes images. At the conclusion of shooting, you will be be given the opportunity to select your favorite 10 images. These will be professionally edited an emailed to you within 7-10 days following the shoot.

No. You will be responsible for arriving with your makeup and hair ready for the shoot. Excessive time with hair and makeup preparation will not be compensated.

You will receive a copy of our model release via email. The model release must be electronically signed before you are scheduled. The images will be used both promotionally and commercially to promote the IAMCLEOPATRA brand, products, partners, and affiliates.

Yes! You can be accompanied by ONE person. That person can be your significant other, your makeup person, or just your girlfriend who wants to hang out with you. NOTE: If that person proves to be a disturbance, the shoot will be terminated, images deleted, and you will not be paid for your time (choose wisely).

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