Vision Board for Success

By Ashley

I am a firm believer in the concept of ‘thoughts become things’. I have found that focusing my mind and my thoughts daily on my goals is huge in helping me to achieve those goals.  Most people are so busy and distracted by a hectic daily life, that their goals and dreams can be put in the back of the mind and forgotten.  Think about the Law of Attraction. Simply put , it is the ability to attract into our lives what we focus on.  Why not focus more on positive things such as your goals and dreams and not so much on things you don’t have? A way I have found that works for me is by creating a vision board.

A vision board helps remind me of what I want and what I want to work hard for.  It shows me my ideal life. It creates a purpose. It stimulates emotions, which in turn, stimulates the mind. When I see my goals, it inspires me to work towards achieving them.  No matter a good or bad day, my board is a constant reminder of what I am working for in life.  My board keeps my mind on my goals/dreams and not on all the other distractions that are unimportant.  The board communicates on both conscious and subconscious levels.  Our subconscious does not know the difference between reality and visual stimulation, so why not focus it on the good – the goals. Once you activate the subconscious, it will awaken parts of your brain to utilize resources you did not notice before. Like I said, thoughts become things.  Focus your thoughts on what you want, and they will come.

A vision board is a space you create that shows your goals and dreams.  It allows you to visually see, feel, read, believe and achieve the goals you place on your board. First, pick out a space to place your board and material to create your board.  It doesn’t have to be over the top either.  Vision boards can be done on mirrors, poster boards, cork boards, etc.  I used a simple cork board for mine and it’s on my bathroom sink so I can see it every morning and every night.  Second, choose your goals and write them down.  (These can be short term and long term goals.)  Next, cut your goals out and tape or tack them on your board. You can also attach pictures with your goals.  I highly recommend pictures.  Pictures are indeed worth 1000 words.  One of my pictures is of a dream home I hope to own; a horse ranch. Seeing that home on land every day makes me excited, because one day I will have that.   Make your board personal to you.  I also suggest adding some positive and motivational quotes on there as well. I have a bunch on mine. As I brush my teeth every morning and night, I read all these quotes I have put on my board.  Positive mindset is the best way to start and end your day.   Since this board will be displayed in an area you see daily, reading the positive quotes helps stimulate your emotions into your goals.  It sets the happy tone for the day.  When creating your board, focus on how you want to feel – if you make your board look happy and lively, you will feel that when you see it daily.  Once you place your goals, dreams, pictures, quotes, and anything else you want on it, hang it up and read it. Feel it. Soon it will be part of your daily routine.  You will feel more motivated to reach what you see on it.  You will notice that you will make choices throughout your day that will propel you to your goals.  Having a vision board and seeing your goals makes them come to life. In turn, you may even find yourself doing more things to get you there than before, simply by making your goals a daily priority.

Ask yourself, when you wake up do you automatically think about how you do not want to get out of bed and do all the no fun, adult responsibilities you have to do?  Most people I know would answer yes.  Take an hour out of your day this week and make your board. When you wake up, before checking your phone or emails, walk over to your board and read your goals and quotes.  Switch your mindset to a positive one.  Remember WHY you are getting out of bed to go to work – each day is a step closer to reaching your goals.  Like I said before, thoughts become things. Focus on your positive goals and dreams every morning and every night by using your vision board.  I personally love seeing my board with my goals .  It motivates me every day to work hard for what I want. I hope your board will too!  Positive on the inside leads to positive on the outside.